Gold Black Business Theme

Company: Walden Theme Center
Device: Android
Downloads: 1
Tags: business, hd wallpaper, icon pack, android, metallic
Description: Wanna a new phone? No need to buy one! Just get Gold Black Business Theme and you will have a brand new Android popular phone style in 2018! This gold black luxury business icon pack can give you special gold bussines style design that you have never seen before! Gold Black Business Theme gives you Gold Black live wallpapers with succinct black background and special design Gold Black Business home screen. Gold Black Business Theme provides succinct black golden design icon pack .This beautiful business Theme is specially made for guys who love succinct black business design and metallic icon pack. Gold Black Business Theme theme is a perfect theme with HD live wallpaper and brings you a fantastic design experience. Make your device succinct design and metallic icon pack with customized app icon pack, organized folders, sliding screen effects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You will love this metallic icon pack Gold Black Business Theme to customize your android home screen. No matter you like succinct black HD live wallpaper or metallic icon pack mobile phone, you will love this succinct black theme with this decoration. Beautify your android home screen with this Gold Black Business Theme now! Make your Android like a new style phone in 2018!.